Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter, Birds, Giveaway Contest, and Wolves

     Winter has been winter this year for sure!  Snow has been on the ground more than not.  The recent ice storm has virtually been the icing on the cake . . . cannot imagine how difficult it is for people to try to remove it with the temperatures so low, salting, chopping.  And the cars buried in the snow in the Chicago area as well as on the east coast.  The loss of power is scary for those with no alternate source of heat.  We were blessed this past week to keep warm and dry.  Thoughts and prayers go out to those who are still trying to get their lives back to normal.

     Have written a couple of blog posts lately . . . both about feeding birds in the winter.  You can find those at:

     Been doing lots of crocheting, of course, and have an item included in a giveaway contest sponsored by CFA and THAN.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Check out the details here:

And have also signed a couple of petitions made available by Defenders of Wildlife, to protect wolves . . . one that hopes to prevent wolves from being removed from the endangered species list and the other to keep wolves from being shot from the air in Alaska.  You can help, too, by visiting these links:

Please sign our petition right now and help us end cruel and unfounded aerial gunning in Alaska before move wolves die.

Just 50 wild wolves remain in Arizona and New Mexico. But a Congressman from Montana has introduced legislation that would eliminate life-saving protections for these rare and beautiful animals and other wolves. Without these protections, these wolves may be doomed. Please help me save them by taking action online at: