Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the Winner Is………

names for blog drawing

     And here they are, folks!  The entries into my first ever blog giveaway in celebration of my third anniversary of having  a shop for hand-crocheted items :  www.bagsandmorebypam.etsy.com Thanks to everyone who went to my shop, selected the scarf or scarf/hat set they would like if they were a winner, and emailed me their choice.  Wish I could have sent you all a prize!

     What you don’t see here is my dear husband’s hand dipping into the crystal bowl to pull out the winner.  Learned you can’t take a photo with an iphone in the dark!  Since we both fell asleep on the actual day the drawing was supposed to occur, I kind of awakened him very early this morning and asked him to draw out a name while I took a photo.  He did so, without even grumbling!  However, there was no photo of his willing and able hand when I checked my pictures.  Darn!

    And truly, with his eyes closed, and in the dark, the name drawn from the crystal bowl   is Judi Brandow!  Congratulations, Judi.  I hope you love wearing the scarf you selected!

Queen Anne Lace Scarf

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