Sunday, May 22, 2011

Treasuries and Collections Here and There!

Treasuries can refer to many things:  the money the government controls, the funds of organizations, special keepsakes, collections, and in these times of online stores for handmade arts and crafts, it is a collection of items from various shops that a curator is featuring on any given day. I have been really excited lately to have a new friend, who is an Etsy seller based in the United Kingdom, select many of my items for treasuries she makes almost daily, and sometimes several in one day.  The funny thing about our communications is that the UK is five hours ahead of those of us in the US EDT zone.  So, when I’m at the computer later in the evening, Margaret, is sometimes sound asleep.  And when she is up early in the morning creating treasuries and chatting with folks, I’m still sleeping away!  Nonetheless, her latest treasury features one of my sweaters.  You can my other creations here: and

Sweater Openwork Design

JaminaRose (her shop name) is also having a drawing for gift vouchers.  You may want to check that out:

Here is the link to her two latest treasuries as well:

The latter one includes one of my latest scarves.

Queen Anne Lace Scarf Bamboo Blend Fingertip Length

I’m also so appreciative of Expressions for creating a collection from members of the Crafting for Animals Guild on ArtFire and including one of my hats.

White Brimmed Hat

Our ArtFire Guild centers on our team members’ interest in animals, perhaps making items for their use, for being advocates for animals in a number of ways, for helping support organizations that rescue, protect, or otherwise serve animals, and our pets, of course.  We have a blog with regularly published posts about a variety of topics related to animals.  You may also want to take a look at that.  (I have written several of those blogposts in the past year.)  You can find that at

Here is the shop for Expressions.  I know you will enjoy seeing her  shop.

You can find her

collection of CFA team members work here:

Thanks to JaminaRose and Expressions for curating lovely collections of handmade items.


Doris Sturm said...

Isn't the internet fantastic? My family is in Germany and since facebook I feel closer because of my sister's posting pohotos and sometimes chatting, but the time difference is 6 hours where I live, so it doesn't happen very often.

Congratulations on being featured in all those treasuries. I love your scarf. It looks so elegant and so does your hat.

That's wonderful you are part of CFA. I once belonged to TeamEFA, but that got to be too much, so I quit. I think it's wonderful to help the animals because they need a voice.

Have a lovely evening, Pam, and I'll see you around ;-)

Pam said...

Thank you so much! Yes, the Internet is fabulous. Being able to see photos and chat is wonderful. It does help people stay close. Thanks for the compliments on my scarf and hat. I have had very few sales on ArtFire. I stay there mainly because of the CFA group. Maybe someday there will be sales there. Etsy seems to be working best for me. I had made a pair of wool leg warmers, and the customer who just bought them said they were great. That always makes me happy!

Hope all is well with you and Gizzy. (Hope I remembered his name right this time!) Take care. Talk to you soon.